What is it?

WiFi Commander for Pentax is a Microsoft Windows app to remote control your wireless enabled RICOH / Pentax camera.
The app has exciting features as Live View HD with Zoom&Pan, AutoFocus at click, pictures download in two sizes, AutoDownloadPlanned Shots, Bulb mode and Dark Frame subtraction support, HistogramIntervalometer,
Tablet mode and much more...

NEW 1.7.6 is online, download it

Added support to AstroTracer Type 3. Try it with our Planned Shots function!

Change Parameters

You can remotely set Av, Tv, ISO, Exposure Compensation values. Based on you camera support there are also Exposure Mode, White Balance, Image Size and much more!

Take a Picture

With or without Live View enabled you can easily take a picture, review in different sizes and download it.
Live View is available also in HD resolution!

Download Pictures

Select you storage slot and browse your pictures. You can review images in preview or full size, download the best, download by selection or download them all!

Switch to Tablet mode

Use the << button or use the ALT + Enter shortcut to switch to the Tablet mode. This way top menu and side panel will leave space to Live View or to better review pictures.

Point where you want the focus

You can choose to disable autofocus at all or, in Live View, you can use your mouse to click where you want the focus to be. Also if the Live View Zoom enabled you can pan through the image using you mouse, merely click in the direction that you want.

Planned Shots

Very useful for bracketing, focus stacking, interval shots and many more photographic stuff.
Define the scheduled shots with different settings, also focus points, and let the app do the job! Set the auto download feature to start working on the images before the end of the series.

No guide

Easily put your mouse pointer over a functionality and a tooltip will explain to you what the app can do.
You can also see the tutorials on my Youtube Channel!
Do you still want help?

Who needs a guide?

FAQ what you have to know

This app will destroy my computer?

Definitely no! This is a simple Microsoft Windows App, it's compatible from Windows 7 to the current Windows 11. When you install it you may receive a warning that there isn't a Publisher or the Source is not recognized. This is a freeware app, I can't afford the cost to buy the Certificates to sign the app.

Are there costs?

Definitely no! WiFi Commander for Pentax is a freeware software. However have you see the "DONATE" button? If you want that the app growns, if you want me to implement bigger projects related to this app as macOS compatibility, mobile apps... then use it!

Are you related to RICOH / Pentax?

Definitely no! I'm a software engineer and a proud Pentaxian. Is this enough?

WiFi Commander app can do whatever I think?

Definitely no! The app relies on RICOH / PENTAX wifi API, the same behind their Image Sync mobile app. I added many functionalities, and many I have to add, but I can't do what the API can't do. At this moment there are some limitations.
K-1 and old cameras: take a shot is not possible if Drive Mode is set to other than one frame and if ASTROTRACER Type 1 or Type 2 function is set.
K-1 only no LV if Composition Adjust is ON.

What cameras are supported?

All RICOH / Pentax cameras with WiFi support built-in. I don't own them all then be patient if not all functionalities are bug free. I always need people to help me to debug the app, contact me!

What operating systems are supported?

Windows is natively supported, Linux with some tricks (an user contribute), macOS under development but is really expensive

How can I install it and connect che camera?

- Download the zip
- Right click the file -> In the context menu click on Properties -> Unblock the file.
- Unzip in a folder the downloaded file.
- From this directory run the setup.exe file. If you AntiVirus deletes this file please check how to avoid this. For the Norton I found this forum thread.
- There may be a warning, about the software Publisher, but go ahead

After this you have to connect the camera with the computer through the wifi lan, you can check the procedure (where is the password, how you can activate the wireless hot spot, etc..) on the camera manual.
When the camera wifi hotspot is active you can connect as you already do with a normal wireless router or access point.
Mind that the camera uses the IP ( for the G900 SE).
On the camera manual the section to establish a connection is "Using the Camera with a Communication Device".

What is the latest version?

- The latest version is 1.7.6. Read the Release Notes

Ask Info

Use this form to ask to me more info about this app and future projects. I would like to expand its compatibility, move from Windows forms to UWA, build a mobile app ... I need your support then!

Suggest Ideas

Use this form if you would like to see your idea implemented.
I will try to check if it's possible and if I have a way to do it. 

Request Help

Use this form if the tooltips are not enough to undestand what WiFi Commander for Pentax can do... but also to report a bug!

Contact Me

Hi there! I made this app to avoid to remove my SD cards when I want to download pictures and to remotely take my still life shots with my Pentax K-1.
I hope you enjoy my efforts!

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A very big thanks to all the mates at PentaxForums.com, especially to mctaveck, stevejo, beholder003 and RONC.

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